Structural Steel Packages

We work with General Contractors all over the western states to produce structural steel packages and move America's infrastructure forward. Our customer focused way of doing business sets us apart from the competition. 

  • We partner with competent erectors

  • AISC Member

  • Efficient lead times with shop drawings

  • Value engineering

  • Code certified welders

  • World class QC program





I- Beam Supports

Custom Fabrication

Interchange head and stand options to fit your needs. Load ratings exceed pipe span specifications for all cases.

Oversized Options

Need to support pipe sizes over 24 inches? Sometimes the standard customizations aren't enough, so let us design a solution.

Easy to Adjust

Get our I-Beam support for a simple adjustment system that comes with a Point-of-Use tool built into each support.  Simple efficiency.

Product Spec Sheets

I-beam Pipe Support Specs
I-beam Pipe Support Specs

Need to make a custom order today?



Our H-Stands are manufactured using CNC equipment to keep the costs low and product precise. It allows us to focus on efficiency and customization

  • Infinitely adjustable pipe rack – the beams can be moved up and down on the column from 4”

  • BOP to 8’ 6” BOP 1

  • Three standard sizes available 2 – H4, H6, and H9.

  • Full engineering documentation available.

  • Stands can be coated with any sprayable coating system in any color.​

  • We can also customize the supports to fit each customer’s needs.

H-Stand Perspective.png

Customizations are dependent on the model purchased. Send us your specs and we can figure out the exact system that will fit your needs