Perfect Fit. Guaranteed.


Every piece of equipment is manufactured in a controlled environment, so our welds are incredibly accurate and very consistent. After multiple inspections by our in-house professional QC team, customers will not receive a spool unless it is dimensionally and metallurgically perfect.


  1. Welding in a controlled environment allows us to use more advanced and more efficient welding processes.

  2. We weld in the same area, with the same people...Everyday. This allows us to continually refine our manufacturing processes to squeeze out higher and higher levels of production by continuously working smarter.

  3. Working at a centrally located facility means less time traveling to the field and more time stacking dimes for customers.


As much as we enjoy taking on challenges, working in subzero climates and never letting people down, no matter how difficult the work might be, we don't like guessing games. And we're betting you don't either.


By prefabricating, we are able to produce at a steady and highly effective rate every day. That  means we can give customers more accurate lead-times, enabling more precise planning for the entire project.


One of our keys to success at Red River is our phenomenal team of in-house engineers and drafters and pipe-fitters. Customers can give us the basic technical specifications, and we can still give them exactly what they need.


Upstream Equipment

Line Heater

Consists of a well-head choke to decrease pressure from the well-head and a hot water bath before well fluid lines to flow through and prevent hydrates from precipitating out of the oil/water emulsion.

Inlet Manifold/Well-head Manifold

This goes upstream of the Bulk and Test Separator, it allows producers to isolate each well when needed for the Test separator.

Cooling Tower/VRT

Heat exchanger that cools the gas stream and captures remaining “light” hydrocarbons.

Separator/Heater Treaters

We manufacture a variety of well-head separators, from three phase separators to gas scrubber knockouts. No matter the separation type, we got you covered.

Vapor Compressors/VRU

Downstream from the VRT and Tank Vents, this reduces the amount of gas that goes to the flare and allows for the sale of “waste” gas.

Gas Dehydration Unit

Removes remaining water vapor from gas stream. Types include glycol de-hy, desiccants absorption and membrane permeation.


Lease Automated Custody Transfer. This device is built for the production location and “sells” the oil.

Midstream Equipment

Saltwater Metering Skid

Records the total volume of produced water that passes through it in a given period of time.


Allows operators to place a “pig” into the pipeline stream to do a variety of different operations.

Truck Offload Skid

These skids unload the trucks while recording the amount and printing a ticket when finished allowing oil haulers to more easily deposit and record their oil or produced water to specific facilities.

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