We Care More


We believe that business is done between people and should be treated as such."We Care More" comes from having a true commitment to being accountable, always ready and easy to work with. Our customers will tell you that we truly exemplify this concept. We won't make transactions uncomfortable, we're not going to needle you with change orders, and we stand behind our word. We own up to our mistakes and learn from them. If our product shows up on your site with imperfections, you'll never hear excuses. Instead you'll experience an earnest push to make sure its taken care of. We don't do business with robotic "If-then" algorithmic transactions and "policies" that nobody understands but blindly follows. Our employees are given the freedom to be in tune with the customer, and take care of their needs. Simple things like understanding why we're doing something are important to us so we can bring real value.   

~Reilly Sasse, President/CEO




We aren't satisfied with the status quo, we bring innovation and high energy together to provide solutions. Everyone on our team wants to be here, has passion and drive to bring genuine quality and value to you.


It's about trust and teamwork that includes our customer. Our shared values and standards fuel seamless workflows and communication, and we love coming to work everyday. It also means when we commit to a client its a sincere commitment. 

Ain't Skeered

Or as we like to say: humble confidence. We admit mistakes, learn and fix them. This keeps us innovative and flexible. It drives us to think critically about problem areas before they occur. We are relentless about being challenged. 

Employee Committment


It's more than just being a good place to work. We want to be the best company in the country to work for. Awesome people are the driving force of all that we do, so we do everything we can to make working at Red River an incredible experience.

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What We Do




Every successful project starts with a plan. With relentless dedication,  Red River provides a plan that will ensure nothing but the best results.

We are ready to build everything from skids to structural supports. More importantly though, our  company is equipped with

"Red River" professionals. There's a difference. ve 

When you call Red River, there's no waiting around. We'll be there promptly and ready to make it happen with the preparedness, competence, and grit necessary to finish the job right.

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Dedication to Safety
and Education


Compliance isn’t enough at Red River; we've created a culture where every employee takes ownership over their safety and professionalism. Our company values each employee's commitment to be the best in the field, so in return, we invest a great deal of time, money and effort in continuing education for our team members. We hold regular training sessions and promote a mentor culture where we are constantly building each others skills and abilities. Not only does this create a safer atmosphere on the jobsite, it promotes a more efficient workplace and brings more value to our clients.  

Experience Modification Rating: .672

ISN ID: 400-211339

Red River is ASME Certified for manufacturing & repairing vessels along with many other certifications. 

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