Prefabrication Equals Value

Prefabrication Equals Value

Why Prefabrication?

Quality – Prefabrication is performed in a controlled environment. In the field many environmental factors can make achieving quality difficult, we are able to manufacture spools and piping packages the same way every time resulting in less errors due to environmental conditions. Since conflicts can be identified through the use of BIM modeling, this means less changes during construction leading to less overall construction cost.

Time – Since work is done in a controlled environment, we don’t experience delays due to weather, our vendors are nearby, material can be organized, kitted and timed to match production making production times faster. Site delivery can also be timed in sync with your install schedule so that you experience less delays and material handling on site.

Cost – Prefabrication has been proven over and over to reduce cost due to efficiencies gained in a manufacturing environment versus on site, everything from shipping to inspection takes less time and eliminates waste.

On Site Exposure Hours – We know that a factor in our clients insurance rates include on site exposure hours. Prefabrication means less time on site which equates to less exposure hours on site. The nature of the work on site is less risky as well if welding & fabrication aren’t required. This can dramatically improve incident rates and lead to less overall hazard to employees.

Why Red River?

Why Red River?

Red River has extensive expertise in prefabricated solutions. In the past, we relied on manual measurements and hand-drawn isometrics. However, we have now advanced to using modeling and software, allowing us to produce accurate isometrics and shop drawings.

We firmly believe that any facility can benefit from prefabrication. Our production processes, diverse range of welding techniques, and stringent Quality Control measures enable us to deliver prefabricated modules, spool packages, complete facilities, and the corresponding structural support systems efficiently.

Together we can determine the optimal valving, instruments, flange placement, internal lining, and materials that best suit your specific requirements, whether you face challenges related to pressure, corrosion, or flow rates.

Our Quality Control process is meticulously designed to ensure that our clients receive packages of the highest quality. It includes comprehensive traceability of all materials and rigorous testing protocols.

At Red River, we are committed to providing top-notch prefabricated solutions that meet your needs and exceed your expectations.


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