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Are you tired of bureaucracy and being a number? When we hire, we focus on people we can relate to and respect, people who have the same core values. The result is we have a team of All-American, game changing innovators who have the fire in the belly and drive to make it happen. They’re genuine people who own up to their mistakes and win. We’re amazed by the things they do every day.

All useful work is tough. We thrive on doing what others won’t.

A typical day/week at Red River:

-Work starts at 7AM – we have respect for those who show up early.

-Coffee is always on and maybe burritos. Anyone who is late better show up bearing a bag of food for everyone else.

-Every day starts with a team huddle where we cover a safety topic. We share company news, bids and info about upcoming work.

-Assignments: we work to get compatible natures and skills together in the right places so the work can be enjoyable.

-Any drama or issues are handled promptly and respectfully.

-We value open communication and honesty. Never do anything because “The Boss Said”. Everyone needs to understand the goals, objectives and how to get there so we can operate as a team.

-Enjoying who you work with is important, when challenges come up, camaraderie and team work come more naturally.

-Our people are always encouraged to pursue positions or skills that will improve our team and raise their pay. Achievements are recognized and valued. We have a number of recognition programs aimed at rewarding and encouraging growth.

-Lunches are 1/2 hour to an hour depending on work schedule and assignments.

-Team leaders are expected to gain the respect of their crews, talent and skills are useless without leadership skills and the ability to garner respect.

-Quitting time is 5PM. Normal work week is 4 – 10 hour days.


-Pay: $42K to $85K


-PTO: Accrual basis after 90 days, 1st year one week, after 2nd year two weeks. PTO accrual rolls over to next year.

-Paid Holidays after 90 days.


-Attitude is everything – we have training programs for every part of our work. If you come with skills thats great but there are no prerequisites.


Interview Process

-You will find that our interview process is not a corporate firing line. It’s a casual conversation where we simply get to know who you are as a person and determine if you fit our core values first.

-Once we’ve determined you fit our core values we talk skills, abilities and compensation.

-We will have respect for your intentions to close out a previous job without burning bridges.

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