American Values

The values possessed by those who came before us, for which we have to thank for the opportunity we enjoy today.

Morals, Family, Work Ethic, Self Reliance, A Firm Handshake, Reputation and the freedom to pursue happiness. We are here to raise the next generation of go-getters who possess these values and they are in greater demand than ever before.

We're here for the doers, the go-getters, the blue collar tradesmen, making it happen every day. We will look you in the eye and do what we say.


It's more than just a good place to work. We aim to treat everyone like family. We believe that a basic human obligation is to leave each person we meet in a better place than when we met them. This is built into everything we do. We work with awesome people and we work to make it an incredible experience.

Our Team

Reilly Sasse Reilly Sasse

Reilly Sasse

Hard charging ahead, Reilly is always on the hunt for the next opportunity. His high energy and optimism, keeps the team together and pushing ahead. When the going gets tough, you often hear him say with a big grin, “don’t threaten me with a good time”. Reilly reminds us often that “whether you tell yourself you can or you tell yourself you can’t, you are correct”. He loves America and proudly displays his country’s flag. He survives on coffee and ribeye’s and spends most of his free time straddled atop his horse or teaching his boys how to shoot.


Marshall Sasse Marshall Sasse

Marshall Sasse

Marshall is the meat grinder. He keeps us on the rails. Process oriented and always planning, he builds systems and processes that keep Red River running. He’s always pushing for continuous improvement and understands things at the micro level. When a problem arises, he latches on like a junk yard dog until it’s fixed. He’s got a gift for making decisions with the long term in mind and can always figure out what the rest of the story is.



Torin Wirtanen Torin Wirtanen

Torin Wirtanen

Built from hard knocks, works like a mule, loves people and seeing them succeed. He relentlessly pushes our team to perform and he doesn’t have time for excuses. He’ll work 30 hours straight and wonder why everyone is tired. He seems to be everywhere at once and its tough to get him to take a vacation except when its time to go hunting. Takes a lot of pride in what we do and wants every project to go out the door perfect.


Our Clients

Our clients range from international publicly held entities to startups. We work with dynamic, forward-thinking people who are building America’s future. People value trust, long-term relationships and commitment. Our clients trust us with highly valuable IP and we never violate that trust. Most of our work is proprietary or confidential projects where we are involved from concept to start up. We become a part of your team, we lean into the challenges, demonstrate accountability and have relentless execution. Our customers enjoy the benefit of being a priority and not just being another customer who has to get in line.

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Dedication to Safety
and Education

Compliance isn’t enough at Red River, we believe that safety is part of culture, continuous improvement is imperative and it needs to be alive. Leading by example is key, our safety program isn’t something that is delegated, our owners are often on the shop floor engaging in the practices we believe are important. Each employee takes ownership over their safety and professionalism. We have a number of safety initiatives aimed at continuously engaging employees in safety awareness and incentivizing innovation. We have an open and honest atmosphere where calling each other out is expected and appreciated.

Dedication to Safety <br>and Education


ASME Certified and <br>carry U4 & R stamps

ASME Certified and
carry U4 & R stamps

Member of American <br>Welding Society (AWS)

Member of American
Welding Society (AWS)

Industry Experience

Oil and <br>Gas Oil and
Commercial/ <br>Public Works Commercial/
Public Works
Power <br>Generation Power
Minerals/ <br>Element Minerals/
Bio Gas Bio Gas

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