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(Paragraph) In the dynamic realm of construction and heavy industry, specialized equipment and tools play a pivotal role in ensuring efficiency and safety. Among these indispensable tools are construction skids, which are purpose-built platforms designed to address the unique needs of construction sites. In this comprehensive guide, we will explore what construction skids are, their key features, and their wide-ranging applications in the construction industry. 

Quick Tips for Faster, More Accurate Quotes

  • Size: If you can provide a rough size or volume required for your pressure vessel this helps. Pressure vessel manufacturers can help you identify this if you have more complex factors affecting size or volume.
  • Process Fluid/Gas: The fluid or gas and the physical properties of it are important factors to consider in vessel design due to their affect on pressure and material types.
  • Orientation: Whether you’re looking for a vertical or horizontal pressure vessel, this affects what type of mounting/picking and supports need to be part of the vessel design. This is typically an easy one but nonetheless, knowing it up front can eliminate one more thing your pressure vessel fabricator has to identify.
  • Pressures & Temperatures: In order for a pressure vessel manufacturer to run engineering calculations on your pressure vessel design they need to know the maximum operating pressure as well as the maximum operating temperature.
  • Material Types: If you already know what materials you need whether its carbon A36 or a stainless grade can really help speed up the process. Material types can vary depending on environmental conditions, pressure requirements or cost efficiency requirements. Vessel fabricators are always happy to help decide on which materials are the best fit but it helps if you already know what materials you want or at least the critical factors influencing what materials may be required.
  • Number & Size of Nozzles: Nozzles are a significant cost factor in manufacturing pressure vessels and its one of the critical factors required to formulate an accurate quote. Providing nozzle count, sizes and fittings on nozzles and locations of the nozzles up front helps speed things up.
  • Head Types: Pressure vessel head types can be determined a number of ways but this is also helpful information to know up front. Especially if your project requires something out of the ordinary.
  • Important Dates: Let your vessel folks know when you will be needing the pressure vessel(s) delivered. This gives them a sense of how urgent the project is. Also letting them know when you would like to receive a quote helps as well. Many times pressure vessel fabricators will address quotes that have required dates on them first and if you don’t specify when you need it, you can run the risk of getting put on the back burner. If the pressure vessel manufacturer you’re working with is worth a hoot they will ask you up front when you’d like to receive a quote so they can ensure you get it on time.
  • Additional Components: Any other fittings, valves or instruments that you’d like to be included in the package and where/how they need to be installed.
  • Mounting/Picking: Mounting requirements you have such as legs, picking eyes, supports or brackets required.
  • Coatings: Spelling out any internal or external coatings required. Coatings vary widely depending on a number of factors. If you have a specific coating you need that’s great! Otherwise, most pressure vessel fabricators have in-house blasting and coating capabilities and can help you determine what products fit your application.
  • Applicable Standards/Testing Requirements: Assuming the pressure vessel you need will be an ASME Code vessel, the quality control testing requirements are fairly standard and your pressure vessel manufacturer can spell out what will be performed. It’s also important to inform them if you have any requirements above ASME required testing or additional standards that the pressure vessel needs to be manufactured in compliance with.


There are of course other factors that can be important when you are requesting a quote from a pressure vessel manufacturer but these are the most important factors that can really help speed things up.


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