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Our experience is forged through relentless execution, making mistakes, learning and continually improving. At Red River, we are a leading pressure vessel manufacturer with a keen emphasis on producing top-tier pressure vessels. Our state-of-the-art manufacturing techniques and procedures are tailored specifically for the needs of pressure vessel production.

Our workforce is trained and uses the latest welding methods for pressure vessel fabrication. With qualified processes in welding various carbon and stainless materials, we stand ready to serve a diverse range of requirements and material specifications as pressure tank fabricators.

Recognizing that every pressure vessel application has its unique set of requirements, we offer an extensive selection of options tailored to your specific needs. Be it bare vessels with internals or a comprehensive modular setup including enclosure, climate-control, coatings, instruments, and electrical elements, our capabilities are second to none.

Being an ASME certified pressure vessel manufacturer, quality and adherence to industry benchmarks remain our number one goal and nothing counts like results. We incorporate rigorous quality control protocols, ensuring total material traceability and compliance with industry standards. Our relentless pursuit of excellence ensures that we not only meet but often surpass ASME guidelines.

Choosing Red River means partnering with a team profoundly versed in the nuances of pressure vessel manufacturing. With our rich history, cutting-edge technology, and unwavering commitment to our clientele, we are devoted to providing solutions that align perfectly with your specific needs.

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Type 4 pressure vessel

We believe that our reputation as a pressure vessel manufacturer is not just about producing high-quality pressure vessels but also about building lasting relationships with our clients. We work closely with our clients, understanding their challenges and objectives, to offer solutions that are not just products but true value additions.

With the industry continuously evolving, we stay abreast of the latest technological advancements and best practices. Our commitment extends beyond fabrication. As dedicated pressure tank fabricators, we take it upon ourselves to share what we’ve learned with our clients whether it be safety protocols, material behavior, cost efficiency or optimization techniques. This ensures that the pressure vessels not only serve their immediate purpose but also have an extended operational lifespan, providing maximum ROI for the client.

As an ASME-certified pressure vessel manufacturer, we understand the gravitas of safety, efficiency, and innovation. Our in-house team constantly explores new methods, materials, and designs to keep Red River at the forefront of the industry.

In conclusion, when you align with Red River, you’re not just purchasing a product; you’re investing in a partnership grounded in expertise, innovation, and a deep-seated dedication to client satisfaction. We invite you to experience the Red River difference, where we turn challenges into efficient solutions, and visions into tangible results.

Type 4 pressure vessel

Red River Offerings

At Red River, we recognize the critical importance of quality and compliance pressure vessel manufacturing demands. That’s why our process includes stringent quality control measures, ensuring full traceability of materials and adherence to industry standards. We meet or exceed ASME requirements, and our commitment to continuous improvement drives us to deliver better and better results.

When you choose Red River, you can expect a nimble, dedicated team that understands pressure vessel manufacturing. We are committed to delivering tailored solutions that meet your exact needs, backed by our years of experience, advanced technology, and unwavering dedication to quality.

Types of Pressure Vessels

Liquid Scrubbers

Scrubbing liquids out of gas or air streams such as natural gas, RNG or compressed air.

Wet and dry types in both orientations using a number of techniques such as venturi or impingement.


Removal of moisture from gas streams to achieve a specific moisture targets whether it be shipping, pipelines or end use applications

Desiccant, Deliquescent separation of H20

Media Bed Purifiers

Using various types of media to target specific molecules such as H2S, nitrogen, and oxygen in order to purify water gas and air (Delta Adsorbants)

Molecular Sieve, Silica and Clay medias in both vertical and horizontal applications for various applications.

Receivers/Storage Tanks

Receiving, storage and discharge of gasses and liquids

Wet & dry receivers, HP tanks, Expansion tanks in both vertical and horizontal configurations

Cyclonic Filters

Separation of particulates from air, gas and liquid streams without using filters through vortex separation

Single & Multi Cyclone, Inertial, Wet, Reverse Flow and Axial Flow


Handling and mixing of gasses, chemicals and liquids

Dosing, reaction, mixing tanks, membrane tanks

Separator Vessel Fabrication

Multiphase separation of fluids and gasses

Horizontal, vertical, spherical, two-phase, three-phase and test separators

Filter Housings

Liquid or gas purification of targeting certain particle sizes

Element or screen filters targeting molecules or particles of certain molecule sizes for removal

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In the realm of industrial solutions, Red River emerges as a pioneer, offering a diverse range of custom-engineered products and facilities. Among our specialties is the design and production of Custom/OEM Pressure Vessels, meticulously crafted to meet individual client requirements, ensuring performance under various pressure conditions. Our expertise extends to the domain of prefabrication, where Red River leads with distinction.

The company excels in creating prefabricated facilities, modules, and packages, reinforcing its stance as a forerunner in innovation and quality. This proficiency is further mirrored in their Modular Skids offering, where they provide an array of Modular Fabricated Skid Packages and Packaged equipment. Each piece is tailored to client specifications, underlining their commitment to delivering precision and excellence in every project they undertake.

Pressure Vessel line art

Pressure Vessels

Custom/OEM Pressure Vessels designed to fit your needs.

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Red River is a leader in prefabricated facilities, modules and packages.

Modular skid line art

Modular Skids

Modular Fabricated Skid Packages and Packaged equipment manufactured to your specifications.


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