Pressure Vessels & <br>Specialty

Pressure Vessels &

We are accredited in pressure vessels and specialty metals including, stainless, 2205 duplex stainless, hexavalent chromium, and others.

 Prefabricated Piping

Prefabricated Piping

We work to understand the true objective of your processes and utilize the best materials and precision to achieve your goals. We employ highly trained, skilled welders & pipe fitters with experience. Be it CS, SS, PVC, HDPE, Aluminum, Steam Pipe or instrumentation we're all over it.

 Design Build

Design Build

We capture all of the complexities of your project in a variety of industry standard softwares, including BIM modeling and isometric drafting. We will make sure you get the results and the capacity you're looking for with the best build methods.

 Industrial Service

Industrial Service

Whether its setting specialty equipment, boiler tube repair, rebuilding valves, changing out components or maintenance, we will ensure it is performed to manufacturer and industry standards.

 Structural <br>Fabrication


We work with a wide range of clients to provide structural solutions ranging from structural building packages to support systems. Our design/build approach enables us to nimbly provide solutions to each specific project. We pride ourselves on being able to meet your schedule.

 Oil-field Equipment <br>Manufacturing

Oil-field Equipment

Whether it’s a simple triplex pump skid or a complex piping module complete with instruments and controls Red River is equipped to assemble equipment that will deliver the results you're after. Built to each customer's specification.

Industry Experience

We look for challenging projects that keep our team learning and improving, our experience includes Industrial projects in Minerals/Elements, Power Generation and Oil & Gas as well as Public Works involving water transmission, building construction and water/wastewater treatment.
Oil and <br>Gas Oil and
Commercial/ <br>Public Works Commercial/
Public Works
Power <br>Generation Power
Minerals/ <br>Element Minerals/

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